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These pages are samples for my upcoming weekly comic Lollygag. This site was designed specifically for editors and art directors to preview Lollygag and see if it is a good fit for their publication (of course it is!). These strips have neither appeared in print yet, nor have they been seen by the general public on my Polypop comix site.

If you are interested in carrying Lollygag now or in the future (in better economic times) or if you have any questions please contact me at todd@polypop.com. Please feel free to e-mail and just let me know what you think, I'm looking for feedback from the newsweekly community. I'm also available for freelance illustraton work if you are interested, you can see my portfolio here.

Special note: These 10 strips are displayed large for the web but can reproduce well down to 4.75" wide x 5.5" tall. A standard width for many strips such as "This Modern World" and "Tom the Dancing Bug." I would be glad to send printed samples at that size if you are concerned about how it reduces and readability.

How Has the "Mild" Recession Affected You?
Some Lollygag characters discuss their economic woes.

Let It Go (part 1)
The Republicans blame September 11th on Bill Clinton in some mid-term election campaign ads. Bill decides to get into time-travel

Let It Go (part 2)
Bill Clinton does some time-traveling. Special appearances by some old Clinton foes.

Don't Fear the Fantasy
Featuring the return of the Escapists who first appeared in Heavy Metal. Zack's special "Pal" shows up and takes him on an "adventure."

Mitch Splits (featuring the Escapists)
Ira's old "friend" and roommate Mitch leaves to go fight the "war on terror." Ira reminisces about Mitch's behavior in the past.

How Do You Feel About John Walker "the American Taliban?"
Lollygag characters discuss their feelings about the controversial John Walker.

Robots Hate Ninjas
Who doesn't hate those pesky Ninjas?

Ninjas Love Robots
The other site of the story.

The Lonely Squid
He's lonely. Someone really should call him.

An odd little creature makes a friend who shares a bit too much with him.