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Other Online Comix Sites

Comix creator sites

Jessica Abel - Talented creator of Artbabe.

Doug Allen - Creator of Steven. Great Flash site of his comix and animations.

Peter Bagge - Creator of Hate and the Bradleys.

Nick Bertozzi - Xeric grant winner. His site of his comix and Flash animations.

Ivan Brunetti - Smart, well-drawn, and brutally funny satire. One of my favorites.

Dave Cooper - Incredible comix by the creator of Weasel.

Jordan Crane - Great illustrator / cartoonist and creator of NON.

Scott Gilbert - Houston, Texas cartoonist and creator of True Artist Tales.

Tom Hart - Creator of Hutch Owens.

Leisure Town - Very popular photo-funnies site with rubber bendy animals.

Jason Little - Creator of the color weekly strip, Bee.

Matt Madden - Cartoonist and illustrator in Brooklyn, NY.

Scott McCloud - Author of "Understanding Comics" and "Reinventing Comics."

Paul Pope - Energetic creator of THB and Heavy Liquid.

Low Bright - Wonderful online comix by Derek Kirk (Gim Ji-Hoon). His comix and journals about his time in Korea are very entertaining.

Tragi -Comix - An online anthology of independent web comix.

Mack White - Austin, Texas cartoonist. He deals with mythology and conspiracies with his own unique twist.

Jim Woodring - Possibly the best surrealist comix around.

Weekly comix sites

Derf City - Great comic strip by Derf.

Kaz - Featuring Kaz's Weekly strips and some great animations.

Red Meat - One of the few great three-panel comic strips. Created by Max Cannon.

This Modern World - Sharp political satire by Tom Tomorrow.

Experimental Comix and Comix Jams

Montreal Comix Jam - Monthly comix jam hosted by Salgood Sam.

NYC Bowery Bowel Movement - Monthly NYC comix jam hosted by House of Twelve.

Toronto Comix Jam - Toronto-based Comic jam.

International comix sites

Cowboy Henk - Wonderfully bizarre comix by Belgian artist Kamagurka.

Comix Web-zine - Cool Korean language on-line comix site.

Shintani Naritada - dokuro tarou - Charming surrealist comix from Japan. He uses a "translation machine" for the English versions, which really adds another level to the work. Check it out!

Nekocube Japanese online comix site run by cartoonist Nyako.

Comix publishers

Alternative comics - Florida publisher of Nick Bertozzi, Dean Haspel, Sam Henderson, James Kochalka.

Drawn and Quarterly - Another quality Canadian comix publisher with well designed books. Publishes Chester Brown, Julie Doucet, Adrian Tomine among others.

Fantagraphics Books - The Seattle-based publisher of great comix such as Eightball, Acme Novelty Library, Love and Rockets, and Hate.