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Uncle Sloppy's Pleasure Circus: Comix by John Freeman
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John Freeman Bio

by John Freeman

Uncle Sloppy was born in 1971 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Home of papermills and hatred. In 1973 he moved to Dallas and began a long, fruitful relationship with the field of “art.” When he was 11 he was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome ( The barking, yelling and obscenities disease ), this forced him to defend himself against “bullies” with the only weapon at his command: the weapon of love.

At age 12, he began taking acting classes at the local theater slowly being conditioned to be as loud, obnoxious and insecure as possible. This came to a “head” when he attended Arts Magnet High School; a “Fame”-esque place where half the day was filled with regular high school classes and the other half was filed with “art.” After graduation he moved to Denton under the pretense of attending the University of North Texas. There he started the first in a seemingly endless series of bands: the main two being the Dooms U.K. and the Dutch Treats. A tentative Belgian tour fell through forcing Uncle Sloppy to resort to his first love, comix. To become world famous and squelch once and for all that lingering, nagging yet mostly unfounded suspicion that “nobody likes me.”

In August 2001, Uncle Sloppy went to New York for a 3 week vacation. He is still there, feeling very lucky that he once again works in an office that has access to a free photocopier; allowing him to distribute his "art" on a larger scale than ever before. He now divides his time between drawing comix, playing Rock, and making sweet, sweet love to all the ladies he can find...

e-mail John at:unclesloppy@sloppyworld.com

All work on Uncle Sloppy's Pleasure Circus copyright John Freeman