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  Tales of the New Frontier
by Todd Ramsell

Adventures in a mythical 1960's Kennedy administration.
  Manga Gacha Gacha
by Shintani "Nari" Naritada

Wonderfully quirky and surreal comics from Japan. Not your typical manga.
Comix by Todd Ramsell

Featuring his experiments in the weekly alternative comic strip format as well as the Escapists, Cornhole Joe: the Feverish Drunken Hillbilly and other work.

Comix Orgy
Comix by various artists

A collection of cartoons by New York and Texas artists taking turns working on the same pages. A great caffeinated comic book experiment. Funny, bizarre stuff, not for the faint of heart though...

Uncle Sloppy's Pleasure Circus
by John Freeman

Featuring: Sarge!, Hippies Are Dumb, Art-Fags, Retarded and other hilarious and horrific comix.

Friends of Polypop (more links here)

Mack White

Creator of Nudist Nuns of Goat Island, Priapus- God of lust and fertility, The Mutant Book of the Dead and Texas Tales Illustrated.. 

Naritada Shintani's Elegab

Shintani Naritada now makes wonderful Sofubi toys as Elegab. Here is a link to a 10 year nniversary exhibition of his Elegab work.    


Great New York web-zine featuring all kinds of fun stuff like interviews with Davis Cross, DEVO and Gary Gygax and the classic comic strip Lil' Stinker by John Freeman.

Corn Mo 

Corn Mo, a.k.a. Jon Cunningham is a New York performer who is truly a musical force to behold. Described by some as "the Golden Lion of Rock n' Roll." Catch his live shows whenever possible.

Eight of Swords 

The incredibly talented David Wallin's New York based Tattoo shop. He does amazing high quality work.