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Various Comix Links

Websites about comix

Alternative Press Expo (APE) - Largest alternative, small press, and self-published comics event in the country.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - Important group dedicated to protecting comix creators' civil liberties.

The Comics Journal - Fantagraphics' respected magazine of comics news, criticism and interviews.

Small Press Expo - Washington, D.C. area independent, alternative, and small press comic convention

Staple! - The Independent Media Expo - "An event to promote independent creative media: comics, art, animation, and self-published literature. Building a community to encourage communication between creators and their audience. All the while having a damn good time in the Live music Capital of the World - Austin, Texas."

Super Marketing - Great, memorable advertising from old comic books.

Yahoo!:Entertainment:Comics and Animation: Broad collection of comics and animation links.

Words and Pictures Museum - Great online museum promoting cartoon artwork and exhibitions.

Xeric Foundation - Foundation awarding grants to artists interested in self-publishing comix.

Ordering comix online

Polyshop Bookstore - Order recommended books and graphic novels online in association with Amazon.com.