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Comix Orgy: Cartoonists Taking Turns
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Comix Orgy: Contributors

John Freeman John is an artist and performer living in Dallas, Texas. His Sloppy World site is packed full of his comix, performances and videos, he also has Uncle Sloppy's Pleasure Circus here on Polypop. He is opening Sloppyworld: the Rock Club in April in Dallas, Texas.

E-mail John at: unclesloppy@sloppyworld.com

Carolyn Hestand
Carolyn is an artist and designer living in Brooklyn, New York. She now has her own blog called The Bark Tree.

E-mail Carolyn at: carolyn.hestand@gmail.com

Todd Ramsell
Todd is an artist and graphic designer living in Dallas, Texas. He is the creator of Polypop and his work appears in Lollygag and other sections on this site. His artwork is available through the gallery Road Agent.

E-mail Todd at: todd@polypop.com

Alex Cuervo
Alex is a graphic artist and musician living in Austin, Texas. His blog is Zomboid and plays in the bands This Damn Town, The Brotherhood of Electricity and the Hex Dispensers
E-mail Alex at: zomboid@sbcglobal.net

M is an artist and musician living in Denton, Texas. He was a member of Good/Bad and is currently performing in Mission Giant and shows his artwork at Road Agent.

E-mail M at:

Ean Shuessler
Ean is the Technology Director of Brainfood Inc. in Dallas, Texas. He is a devilish programmer and Debian Linux advocate as well as cocreator of the horrifying yearly ritual known as Disturbathon.

E-mail Ean at: ean@brainfood.com

David Wallin
David is a graphic artist, illustrator, tattoo artist and musician living in Brooklyn, New York. He was a member of the great ska band The Grown-ups. You can see his site of artwork sample here: www.dcwallin.com

E-mail David at: dave@dcwallin.com

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