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Uncle Sloppy's Pleasure Circus: Comix by John Freeman
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John Freeman Bio

John Freeman interview by Kittenpants


Jack Panties Ph.D. (B&W).

Naked Fred (B&W).

Abomination Mel (He's Un-Swell!), (B&W).

The Art Fags - 1 - The Art Fags in 3-D (B&W).

The Art Fags - 2 - Panties off! (B&W).

The Art Fags - 3 - Chad-X (B&W).

Hippies Are Dumb - 1, (B&W).

Hippies Are Dumb - 2 - The Ballad of Nude Dorris (B&W).

It's a Hot-Steaming Puppet - Uprising! (B&W).

Macho - (B&W).

Retarded - (B&W).

Rubbed By Fate (B&W).

Sarge! (He's not even in the armed services at all.), (B&W).

All Aboard the Vomit Train (B&W).

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All work on Uncle Sloppy's Pleasure Circus copyright John Freeman